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Our babies were born in 2006 [entries|friends|calendar]
OMG When did they get so big?

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The sky in the stone [12 Oct 2010|09:34pm]


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pottytraining [20 Jan 2009|08:34am]

i love crocs as shoes for kids - #1001 on the list of why they rock:

when your kid pees their pants, you can rinse them off. [with my first he'd soak his tennis shoes, which is NOT COOL]

we had our second accident in two weeks of being in underpants.
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two years molars [27 Oct 2008|09:25am]

i'll repeat that:
two year molars OF DOOM
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my little guy [20 Jun 2008|08:38am]

does not talk.

he says:
maow (this is the new word which is prolly going to disapear soon)

i have heard him say an assortment of others words, and on vacation he said 'caw' alot. does anyone have a quiet 2 yr old?
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lol [07 Nov 2007|05:48pm]

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Halloween [11 Oct 2007|08:43pm]

What are you dressing the babies up as? Ryan is going as a football player.  
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shoes [28 Sep 2007|03:17pm]

my baby was falling like crazy, i think it was his shoes. target has fake robeez for $13, the xl 18-24 month size is a 6-7 toddler size. we are falling much less.

on a side note, the 18-24 month target knock offs are larger than the robeez brand.
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Almost birthday time! [11 Aug 2007|07:12pm]

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Hard to believe that it is almost birthday time for my baby girl. Averie was 11 months old on the 8th and such a big girl already. She is a WHOPPING 27 pounds and 30 inches tall. She has been walking for over a month now and is really good. Already chasing around he big sister. She has a nice little vocab the main word being HEY! She just has 4 teeth but I can see 2 more working their way up.

Her daddy is currently deployed and is getting his R&R and will be here for her big day. We are having a family bbq for her birthday party at the park. So I will post pics of her big day. Here is my cutie Averie bug. Hard to believe just 11 short months ago she was 21 inches and 9 pounds.

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yo [11 Jul 2007|09:46pm]


Bird, my leo with cancer risingCollapse )

ok, more stuff. born 8/14/06 11.8 pounds, he is 27 pounds now at 10.5 months

Bird can stand, and take a few steps. he dances and walks if you hold his hands. he can crawl up and down stairs. he can get off the couch. he blows raspberries and bites other people's toes.

he is waaay stubborn. he eats pretty much what i eat, in simple form minus meats and nuts. he can curl his tongue, make fishy faces, and blow a train whistle. he can wave byebye. his favorite foods are avocado and blueberries. he loves to read baby bugs with me and his brother. he worships his brother. he loves the train and monkeys at the zoo. he likes to pick flowers and eat them. he loves to eat dirt and sand especially.

even though he is still nursing, he's not as into as his brother was. i expect him to wean at maybe 1.5 yrs? he sleeps rarely, catnaps mostly. he does sleep really well with one or three wakeups from 7pm to 7am.

he can say
"ma" mama
"pa" papa
"ggg-ma" grandma
"buhhhhh" or "buh-da" brother
"kiii" or "ttiiii" kitty
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